Plastic made beautiful!

Our goal is to create one of a kind beautiful art, and to help people become aware of reusable plastic materials. In turn Creating new ways to recycle and keep our environment clean.

Living on the Gulf coast of Florida, we are seeing first hand the problem with all the plastic trash that is littering our oceans and beloved sea life. Instead of Turing a blind eye, Todd got to work thinking and experimenting on how to turn plastic, a reusable material into beautiful art.

Todd got his degree in forestry, moved to the Bitterroot valley of Montana where he not only started his own pottery business, but built his own cabin, and lived off the land. Living among the wildlife and with the rhythm of nature created a strong respect and bond that can not be broken.
Part artist, part mad scientist, Todd came up with a freehand coloring and forming technique using recycled and up-cycled polymers. A sculpture and potter for over 30 years helps him achieve pieces of the highest quality with elegant form and function for all purposes including, residential homes, gardens, offices, hospitals, hotels and corporations.
We hope you enjoy looking through our etsy store. We are always adding different colors and designs that will highlight any space you can envision and look beautiful hanging in a variety of ways. Our sculptures are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
With much gratitude,
Todd and Steph